Walky Dog Bike Trainer

The WALKYDOG is a wonderful Italian invention. Bike in safety with your dog with a WALKYDOG. The WALKYDOG reduces your dogs tugs by up to 90%. The WALKYDOG arm can be mounted on either side of the bike. Keeps your dog gently, but firmly in place at your side, protected from traffic, pedals and wheels. You can even mount one on each side and run two dogs at once.

 No practice is necessary (of course you need to know how to ride a bike!).

It is very light (500g) and can be removed in seconds without any tools should you wish to use your bike without your dog.

The WALKYDOG clamps simply to the seat post of your bike without causing any damage. Internal springs absorb the shock should your dog pull suddenly, making it easy to keep your balance. Mounting Instructions come with the WALKYDOG.

I recommend using a harness on your dog rather than a collar when using a WALKYDOG so they are not putting pressure on their neck (and also not learning to pull against a collar).



The WALKYDOG can be used for dogs that are a little closer to the ground. The WALKYDOG internal "lead" can be extended to a maximum of 35cm. If you find that the combination of the height of your bike and the 35cm lead isn't enough, you can attach the WALKYDOG lead to another lead for additional length or, you can easily replace the cord used in the WALKYDOG lead with a cord of a custom length. You can purchase cord of this type at many hardware stores.


Price - $81 each 



 Safety warning - do not let small children ride with large dogs. Check with your state road rules before riding with a WALKYDOG on public roads.