Shampoos & Rinses

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Donerite Herbal Shampoo

For the best flea and insect repelling qualities - use the donerite shampoo in conjunction with the spray. No conditioner is needed as the oils leave the coat wonderfully soft.

Available in 1 litre size only - $17.25


Donerite Herbal Spray

Based on neem oil, citronella and tea tree oil. This spray repels fleas and other insects from dogs and horses.

Available in 1 litre size only - $19.45

 Fidos Fre Itch Rinse Concentrate

Pyrethrin based flea, tick, lice, mite rinse or spray on.

Available in 3 sizes  - $13.90 - $197 depending on pack size.


Vets All Natural Dry Shampoo

Used as an alternative to traditional “wet” shampoo cleaning and deodourising for dogs and cats. This product has natural pesticide properties, and will repel fleas and lice from the animal’s coat. 
100g - $18

Aloveen Shampoo

For soothing and cleansing itchy dry skin on dogs and cats. It contains oatmeal and does not contain any irritating soaps and is pH balanced.

Available in 2 sizes - $14.80 - $25.10 depending on pack size.


 Aloveen Conditioner

A unique residual conditioner designed to leave on the coat for deeper conditioning and to prolong the soothing effects ALOVEEN shampoo.

Available in 3 sizes - $11.55 - $36.95 depending on pack  size. 

Fido's Emu Oil Shampoo

A luxurious soap-free shampoo containing Australian Emu Oil

1 litre - $26.95

 Fido's Bathing Wipes

Contain aloe vera and lanolin. Ideal for cleaning and removing loose fur and odour

40 wipes - $15.25

GreenPet Herbal Eye Wash

Totally natural eye wash suitable for all animals.
Contains golden seal, eyebright, calendula, colloidal silver, manuka honey and sea salt.

15ml - $14.50


GreenPet Herbal Ear Drops 

A soothing blend of herbs are used in these natural ear drops. Suitable for dogs and cats.
Contains mullein, yellow dock, golden seal, witch hazel and colloidal silver.

15ml - $14.50

GreenPet Herbal Pet Spray

A totally natural herbal spray for dogs. Contains aloe vera, herbal extracts, macadamia oil, witch hazel, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil and fennel oil.

500ml - $17.00

Crystal Eye


Specially formulated to remove tear and other stains from the animal’s fur.

118ml - $19.00

Bitter Lime

Developed to stop pets from chewing biting and scratching themselves, wood, furniture or other non-permitted areas.

236ml - $21.00

Troy Repel X

Insect repellant spray for dogs and horses.

500ml - $23.95 

Kleo Ear Cleaner


Has a cleansing, drying antiseptic action. Easy to apply as has soft flexible applicator tube at top.

100ml - $10.15

Paw Nutriderm Replenishing Conditioner

An innovative, advanced way to moisturise, nourish and nurture your dog’s skin as well as leaving the coat silky smooth and fresh.

200ml - $15.90