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Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid powder - 1 teaspoon = 4000mg
$8 - $34 depending on pack size

Vitamin E

This is the natural form of Vitamin E, not synthetic.
 $11 - $20 depending on pack size

 Brewers Yeast

This is a rich natural source of B vitamins.
$2.75 - $5 depending on pack size.



Calcium magnesium carbonate 
$3.50 per kilo


Australian seaweed meal powder
$9.50 per kilo


 Multi Vitamin & Mineral Mix

A multi vitamin / mineral mix which combines Vitamin C,
Kelp, Brewers yeast, Dolomite and Vitamin E in the ratios
 that I use them. $21.50 per kilo

Turmeric powder

4.5% curcumin, human food grade quality - $22.60 per kilo


Coconut Oil

Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - $22.60 per litre

Green Tripe Powder

Meals For Mutts Green Tripe Powder.
180g - $21.70



Multi strain probiotic powder.
$10 - $88 depending on pack size.

Raw Linseed (flax seed) Oil

100% pure and natural, cold pressed.
$11.05 - $82.45 depending on pack size


Cod Liver Oil

A palatable feed supplement containing Vitamins A & D.
$16.75 - $92 depending on pack size

 Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from crushed, fermented dessert apples, unpasteurised, unfiltered.
$9 - $35 depending on pack size.


Finely Granulated Garlic

Finely granulated and dried.
$6.50 - $11.00 depending on pack size.


A palatable red powder blend of proteins, energy and polyunsaturated oils, formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance of all dogs.
$7 - $12 - depending on pack size.


 Troy Calcium Syrup

An oral calcium syrup for use in treating calcium deficiency.
250ml - $18.00

Biolac Coat Improver

Milk based raw materials and oligosaccharides designed to supplement proteins that are directly responsible for coat health and lustre.
500g - $37.00


 Garlic & Apple Cider Vinegar


With pure garlic added at 10g per 100ml of Apple Cider
 Vinegar. $13.50 - $39.95 depending on pack size.

Sulphur Powder

Yellow - also known as flours of sulphur.
$4.00 - $7.00 depending on pack size.


Copper Sulphate

Also known as bluestone.
500g - $6.00

Lectade Liquid Concentrate

 Supplies energy and salts back to a dehydrated dog or puppy.
250ml - $21.60