Extra Special Toys

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 The ultimate chew toy - virtually indestructible. Stuff them with food and your dog will adore its kong.
Available in all sizes and red, black, puppy, aqua (on rope) and biscuit ball $12.50 - $35.50 each


Kong Quest Food Toys

3 designs of interactive food toy by the ever popular Kong company. Small - $12.45 and large $17.70

Cuz Tail Medium 

33cm long - rubber cuz toy at the top and a long fluffy tail - $21 each


Pet Projekt Bonball

Is it a bone, is it a ball? it is both! - 2 sizes and 3 colours - $9.95 - $21.95

 Tuggy Toys

Braided polar fleece. There is a handle at one end (to give you half a chance of hanging on to it) and a tassle at the other end to excite your dog.

$7 each



 Hol-ee Bowlers

A chew toy, treat ball and fetch ball all rolled in to one - the flexible rubber allows the dog to chew it, to tug on it and it does not break.
Available in 3 sizes - $7 - $11 each

 Hol-ee Rollers

Durable, chewy and bouncy. Can also be used as a tug toy as the rubber is stretchy and allows the ball to stretch out when you and your dog each take one side and pull. Also available with attached tug - see below.

Available in 4 sizes - $11 - $28 each


Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme

This tough as nails toy is made from extra thick, criss crossed natural rubber for those heavy chewers that make a game of destroying toys. 

Available in 2 sizes - $19 - $26 each

Hol-ee Roller Tug Toy

hol-ee roller tug toy

Hol-ee roller ball with fleece tug attached. Available in 4 sizes - $15 - $35


 Darwin the Frog

Natural rubber frog shaped ball - small 5cm high - $5.00 each

 Bungee Noodle Tug

Bungee Noodle Tug

The handle is stretchy, the tug part is a soft microfibre noodle - $14 each