Other Dog Accessories

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Plastic Muzzles

plastic muzzle

Comfortable design - allows dog to pant and drink.

Available in 8 sizes - $19 - $23 each


Husher Stop Barking Muzzle

husher stop barking muzzle

A very simple design. A firm yet humane pressure reminds your dog tostop barking. Available in 13 sizes - $32.55 each

Adaptil - diffuser or collar 


Plug in room diffuser,  or collar utilising natural Dog Appeasing Pheromones to  calm or settle your dog. Prices varies depending on whether you use diffuser, or collar.


 Inflatable Elizabethan Collar 

inflatable collar

Scratch and bite resistant, Available in 5 sizes 
$30 - $38 each


A drug free solution for dog anxiety.

Available in 7 sizes  - $57 each


 Deluxe Sta-Put Car Seat Hammock

car seat cover

Machine washable luxurious and practical car seat cover - $69.95

 I Need Space Ribbon

I need space ribbon

This yellow ribbon has I NEED SPACE (interspersed with dog paws) embroidered on it.

Available in 3/4"(19mm) - $1.50 per metre, and 1"(25mm) - $3.00 per metre wide.

We do sell collars, leads and harnesses with this ribbon sewn on, but some people like to make their own projects with this ribbon (ie put it on crates/coats etc)


Zenpet Calming Spray

zenpet calming spray

Zenpet calming spray - 59ml - $16.00