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Coop Cups

coop cup

Stainless Steel hanging water bowls.

Available in 3 sizes - $6.50 - $11.00 each


 Slow feed bowls

slow feed bowl
Available in three designs and colours and 2 sizes - $15 - $23.

 Stainless Steel Non-Skid Food/Water Bowls

stainless steel non skid bowl

Heavy gauge stainless steel with unique fused vinyl ring along the base.


 Puppy Saucers

puppy saucer

Stainless Steel Puppy Saucers with raised centre.

Available in 2 sizes - $15.75 - $29.00 each

 Flat Backed Buckets flat backed bucket

Stainless Steel buckets suitable for hooking to wire crates or mesh fences.

Available in 4 sizes. $10.95 - $26.95




Multiple bowl carrier/feeder for puppies

includes 6 stainless steel bowls