Leads & Harnesses

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Double Ended Leads

double ended leads

With a clip on both ends and dees along the length you can adjust the length of this lead with one clip.

Available in 2 widths and 5 colours - $17 each


Training Leads 

training leads

Available in any length, in soft cotton webbing or polypropylene webbing, and in 3 widths and 5 colours - $5.50 - $36.50 each

 Tracking /Walking / Car Harnesses 


These harnesses can be used as a walking harness, for tracking or for use in the car. 

Available in 4 sizes and 5 colours and a variety of patterns - $8.80 - $20.50 each


 Adapter for car harness

attachment for the harness in the car

Car Harness adaptor allows you to attach your dog's harness to the seat belt.

Available to match harness - $8 each

 Mountain Leads

mountains leads

These beautiful leads are made from 8mm or 13mm diameter rolled mountain rope with a striped pattern.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours - $9 - $14 each


 Mountain Double Ended Leads

Double ended mountain leads
Made from mountain rope, with a clip on both ends and a number of dees alng the lead allowing you to adjust length.

13mm diameter - $19.80 each

 Mountain Choker Leads

mountain choker leads

Made from mountain rope - 13mm diameter and 120cm total length.

Available in 3 colours - $14 each


 Tuggy Leads

tuggy leads

Are they a lead? Are they a tug toy?

2 widths - $7.50 each

Plaited Roo Hide Leads

plaited roo hide leather leads

Made from a round plait of 4 strands of 4.7mm or 6mm roo hide in 3 standard lengths (or any length you want.

Black or brown - $15 - $26 each


 Snub Lead

image coming soon

A very short lead for starting off lead work, or for agility - $3.30

Brace Lead /Coupler

image coming soon

Brace lead allowing you to walk two dogs at once - $14.00 or brace couple which you attach to standard lead and then can walk two dogs at once - $6.00


 Hands Free Ezi Walker

hands free ezi walker

Allows you to walk your dog hands free - $12.50

Adjustable double ended Ezi Lead also available

 - $6.50

Front and Rear Attach Harness

Front and rear attach harness

You choose whether to attach the lead at the front or rear - available in 3 sizes and 5 colours - $20.25 - $24.50


Front attach harness

Easy Walk front attach harness
Easy Walk harness - designed to discourage pulling on the lead. Available in 5 sizes and 4 colours - $17 - $25