14th February

Mandy (in NZ) competed in her first ribbon parade (like an open show in Aus) and won runner up in group (at two shows!), best baby in group (at two shows) and best baby in show at one of them – woo hoo! (yes babies can compete for best of breed and best in group over there.)


13th February

Ruby gained her last pass for her SAAD (Senior Australian Agility Dog) title.  


7th January

Button has been mated to Jack (Qdos Lennox Head)  – puppies due 10th March! (more photos if you click on this post)   


18th October

Katie is now Provincial Antwerps Champion of Belgium in agility – pretty good seeing as she lives in the Netherlands 🙂  

Pepper Babies

12th October

Pepper had her 9 puppies – ultrasound was spot on! 3 chocolate girls, 3 chocolate boys, 2 black girls, 1 black boy – what a mixture!


20th September

Tam won Best Puppy in Group in South Australia, and Tango finished her Neutered Championship title in Qld!


31st August

Taroo’s second show and she won runner up baby in show!


3rd August

Taroo (in Canada) had her first show , and won Best Baby Puppy in Group!


18th/19th July

Whist got her JDX title, and Ruby got her AD title at Coffs Harbour trial, and up in Cairns Button won another best in group and Nancy won another best baby in show!!! 🙂


11th July

Kiah won a 3rd in Group and then a 2nd in group in Canada – giving her enough points for her Canadian Championship – the first Callicoma to ever get that title!


3rd July

Liq and I flew to Cairns and stayed with Jan and Button and Nancy. We went to 5 shows up there. Liq needed 3 points to finish his Australian Championship and he got 30! He also won an Open in Group and an Aust Bred in Group. But the most exciting part of the trip was Button won Best in Show at one show and Best in the Working Dog Group at another!!! And baby Nancy won 5 x best baby in group and 2 x best baby in show – what a holiday!  


28th June

Qld hosted the National Championships for DWD and again Tango got a quali in both HTM advanced and freestyle advanced! So proud of everyone out there doing things with their Callicoma kelpies!


27th June

Qld held their state championships for Dances With Dogs and for Agility. Tango got a qualification in  Heelwork to Music Advanced and another in Freestyle Advanced. Ruby made the finals in both JDX and AD. Same date – Chilli has her first show and wins best baby puppy in the working dog group 🙂

13th June

Midnight and Ruby went in a herding trial (after working sheep for the very first time last week!) Both passed their herding instinct certificate!!!!


3rd June

Tyler gets her TDX title (Tracking Dog Excellent) – yay, now for tracking champion!

Mealtime at our Get Together

27th – 29th March

We had our second Callicoma Get Together at Camp Tailwaggers. 27 people and over 30 Callicoma kelpies. We visited Australian Outback Spectacular and saw Red and Oi perform, we did agility, we learned tricks, we ate lots of food and had great fun. I do plan on putting pics up on their own page (in my spare time – ha!)  


20th March

Pepper also had 9 babies to Buddy!! OMG I have 18 babies here!  

Trumps babies

13th March

Trumps had 9 babies to Buddy (Wilsonia The Wrangler – son of my old boy Bundy)

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