Ch. Callicoma Fancy Nancy



Black bitch 
D.O.B. - 20 Mar 2015
Wilsonia The Wrangler x Ch Callicoma Peppermint Twist ET

Nancy is a lovely black bitch very much like her mum Pepper. A bit of a naughty girl in the show ring as she likes to pull, but when she puts it all together wow can she move - she has Pepper's reach and drive! Nancy was shown and titled up in Cairns by Jan at Mountainmist kelpies, and now lives here with us.

Nancy has now had her hips and elbows scored - elbows 0:0 and hips 2:2

Nancy 4 months old

4 months old

Nancy 4 month old

Nancy 5 months

5 months old - oops!

 Nancy 13 month old

13 months old

Nancy 13 months old


Nancy 15 months
Mother of the "Aussie Slang Meaning Good" (28/12/2017) litter

Ch. Callicoma The Bees Knees
Callicoma The Cats Pyjamas
Callicoma Beauty Bonza
Callicoma Hesa Keeper
Callicoma You Little Ripper

Pedigree of Ch Callicoma Fancy Nancy:  

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