Ch Callicoma Wild Marjoram

Marj is  a very pretty girl – half sister to Pepper, so we hope she does as well as Pep.

Could be following her sister’s footsteps – won runner up to best in the working dog group (and 3 x puppy in group in one weekend) at age 9 months!

Winner of Clarence Dogs Sports best show puppy of the year in 2012 (as Pepper did in 2011) and finished the year 12 points short of her championship. She got her championship at her first weelkend of shows in 2013.

Has had her hips and elbows x-rayed and scored with the perfect result – 0:0 hips and 0:0 elbows – same as mum Trumps and brother Liquorice 🙂

Marj has had her heart checked by ultrasound by a cardiologist three times now – all clear! Aged 4, 5 and almost 7 🙂 

Mother of the Bush litter – 4/3/14

  • Callicoma Bush Rose – “Juno”
  • Callicoma Bush Secret – “Secret”
  • Callicoma Bushfire – “Willow” (the second)
  • Callicoma Bush Gem – “Matilda” (the second)
  • Callicoma Bush Tucker Man – “Tucker”
  • Callicoma Bushranger – “Oi”
  • Callicoma The Bushie – “Banjo”(the second)

and of the Biscuits litter – 10/12/14

  • Callicoma Anzac Bikkie – “Gus”
  • Callicoma Tim Tam – “Tam”
  • Callicoma Gingernut – “Ralf”
  • Callicoma Tic Toc – “Dash”
  • Neut Ch. Callicoma Morning Delight RE CD FS.S HTM.I – “Nina”
  • Callicoma Ballerina – “Skipper”
  • Callicoma Brandy Snap – “Lola”
  • Callicoma Amaretti – “Millie”

Marj Babies

and of the Revlon Nailpolish litter – 10/10/16

  • Callicoma Siren
  • Callicoma Sheer Bliss
  • Ch. Callicoma Extravagant RN HTM.S
  • Callicoma Iced Spice 
  • Callicoma Gold Coin
  • Callicoma Rebel Graffiti
  • Callicoma Get Reddy
  • Callicoma Hot For Chocolate 
  • Callicoma Red Hot Tamale 
  • Ch Callicoma Vixen RN

Pedigree of Ch Callicoma Wild Marjoram:

Gr Ch Mountainmist Mandingo HTGr Ch Linbarlee HondoLinbarlee HatarriCh Linbarlee Rio GrandeCh Oatland Rockateer
Ch Linbarlee Technique
Wingdari Ewe Ambe VisionGr Ch Wingdari Uluru
Ch Wingdari Forever Amber
Ch Linbarlee TechniqueCh Mistyrock High TechCh Moojoey Red
Ch Kejeroo Gypsy
Oatland AnnieSpectre Whiskey Road
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover
Mountainmist JinkaGr Ch Wingdari UluruWingdari Hey True BlueCh Webarnon Just Jess
Ch Butterbone Pure Flight
Butterbone Fast LaneButterbone Movie Man
Ch Tollbar Wyamber
Oatland SilouetteCh Oatland RockateerCh Spectre Rocket Jason
Ch Oatland Showgirl
Ch Oatland NightcapCH Butterbone Keepit Dark
CH Morkerbook Sunlover
Ch Callicoma Trump Card ETCh Callicoma MaherCh Bushechoes Fox WhiskeyGlendalock Dark RaiderGlendalock Fox Whisky
Ch Glendalock Cleopatra
Glendalock Gold FingerCh Glendalock King Midas
Glendalock Cherry Liquer
Ch Spectre BlacklockCH Spectre The BarbSvetlana Pancho
CH Spectre Lookat Me
Ch Spectre Switch In TimeSpectre Rhythm Kingdom
Ch Spectre Stepping out
Ch Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RA
Ch Oatland Chieftan ETOatland HawkeyeCh Oatland Redskin
CH Oatland Showgirl
CH Oatland Blue JeanCH Butterbone Keepit Dark
CH Morkerbook Sunlover
Ch Callicoma Leica ET HTCH Spectre The BarbSvetlana Pancho
CH Spectre Lookat Me
CH Oatland Pipistrelle CDCH Oatland Rockateer
CH Oatland Blue Jean
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