Lamb Treats

Lamb Puff

(Dried lamb lung) Light, thin slabs, easily broken in to chunks with just your fingers. This is 100% Australian lamb, no artificial additives. If your dog has a problem with liver, as many do, then try lamb puff. Gentle on sensitive stomachs;.

It is really light, so in 100g you get a lot more volume of treats than with liver treats.

50g - $3.50
100g - $5.50
1kg - $42.00


Sheep Ears

Dried, not smoked - no preservatives added. These are a NZ product, from human quality export sheep.

Pigs ears too big for your dog? Sheep ears are smaller and thinner.

Price: $61 per kg = approx 100 - 120 ears

$17 per 200g = approx 20 - 25 ears





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