Inflatable Elizabethan Collars

I did not realise how much I needed one of these until one of my dogs totally freaked out about wearing a standard plastic elizabethan collar (like a "bucket on her head"). Instead I tried the inflatable collar - and no more stress and she still could not turn around to reach her stitches. Not suitable if you need an elizabethan collar to stop a dog rubbing its eye or to protect a face injury or limbs, but perfect to stop them reaching stitches or itchy spots on their body.

The outer jacket protects the air bladder completely and is removable and washable. 

Won't mark or scrape furniture, will not get caught up if the dog is crated and will not leave your shins covered in bruises. Scratch and bite resistant. Available in 5 sizes.

XSmall - suit tea cup breeds and cats (up to 15cm) - $30.00
Small - suit Jack Russells, Shelties (15 - 25.5cm) - $32.00
Medium - suit Kelpies, Spaniels (25.5 - 33cm) - $34.00
Large - suit Labradors, Golden Retrievers (33 - 45cm) - $36.00
XLarge - suit Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Great Danes (46cm and up) - $38.00

inflatable collar

inflatable collar

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