Infin8 Halter

A complete redesign of the figure 8 halter concept combines with a martingale collar. A halter where the pressure across the dog's nose can be adjusted, or faded completely, to work just as a collar. This is a brand new training tool, starting with a halter and ending with the dog on a collar.

The Black Dog Infin8 attaches to the lead at the back of a dog's neck, the dog feels any slight pressure from the lead across the bridge of its nose and on the back of its neck. Only slight pressure is required as the Infin8 Halter is extremely effective in calming a pulling or boisterous dog, without the need for harsh corrections, or gruff training techniques.

Available in blue, black or purple and in 5 sizes.

For sizing and fitting instructions see below:

$28.50 each


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