In Tracking

Tracking is a dog sport that involves your dog searching for a hidden person. It simulates your dog finding a lost person.

At a trial, a track is laid through the bush or through paddocks, and your dog follows one half to two hours later (depending on what level your dog is at), on a 10m lead and tracks along the path the person took, using scent to determine where they walked. They have to take corners and locate dropped articles along the way.

Dual Ch (T) Callicoma Capella CDX RA ADM JDM HT ET ADO JDO GDM SPDM SDX , T. Ch. Neut. Ch. Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX SD SPD GD ET  and T. Ch Callicoma Rose Robin have their tracking championship titles. That means they gained their TD (Tracking Dog) then their TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and then their tracking championship. Whist was only 17 months old when she became a champion.

A few other Callicomas compete in tracking:

Callicoma Leaps And Bounds TDX  (Kelly)

There are not a lot of places where you can go to learn tracking, but if you are interested in trying this with your Callicoma kelpie, I will try to find a local club or someone else competing in your area to help you.

Whist tracking 


Callicoma Blitzen (Flash) is learning to track in Germany. As you can see from the photo above, dogs track in a special harness rather than a collar. This is more comfortable for them to pull out in to, and also acts as a signal for them to track.

Trumps and I at a tracking workshop

T. Ch Callicoma Rose Robin (Tyler) started her training early.

At 11 months Tyler is tracking on bitumen!
16 months old and Tyler passed her first competition track.