In the Show Ring

We have bred 27 Australian Champions:

 Aus Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT
 Aus Ch Callicoma Cosmic
 Aus Ch Callicoma Lyric HT
 Aus Ch Callicoma Linne ET HT
 Aus Ch Callicoma Ricoh
 Aus Ch Callicoma Merlot ET PT
 Dual Ch (T) Callicoma Capella CDX RA ADM JDM ADO JDO GDM SPDM SDX HT ET
 Aus Ch Callicoma Pinot Noir
 Aus Ch Callicoma Maher
 Aus Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty
 Aus Ch Callicoma Blacksmith ET HT
 Aus Ch Callicoma Orion ET
 Aus Ch Callicoma Trump Card ET
 Aus Ch Callicoma Tarot Cards JD SPD
 Aus Ch Callicoma Black Friday ET
 Aus Ch Callicoma Peppermint Twist ET
 Aus Ch Callicoma Wild Marjoram
Aus Ch Callicoma Liquorice
 Aus Ch Callicoma Clarence
 Aus Ch Callicoma Bright As A Button
Aus Ch Callicoma Fancy Nancy
Aus Ch Callicoma Stromlo CCD RN
Aus Ch Callicoma Red Man Bluff
Aus Ch Callicoma Extravagant 
Aus Ch Callicoma The Bees Knees
Aus Ch Callicoma Vixen

and 7 Neutered Champions:

 Neut. Ch Callicoma Winning Trick CD RA ET HSAs
 Neut Ch Callicoma At Midnight
 T. Ch Neut Ch Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX SD SPDX GD ET
 Neut Ch Callicoma River Runs Red RN FS.S ADX JDX JDO2 ADO SPDX GD SD HT
 Neut Ch Callicoma Black Tango CDX RM DWDF.I. HTM.A.
 Neut Ch Callicoma Rum N Raisin AD JDX GD SPDX SD ET CD JDO RA
Neut Ch Callicoma Morning Delight RE CD DWD.FS HTM.N

As well as showing Aus Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CD, Aus Ch Oatland Chieftan ET, Aus Ch Oatland Vespadelus, Aus Ch Spectre Blacklock, and Aus Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET to their championship titles.

We have also bred five dogs who are being shown successfully in Europe - German Ch (VDH), Luxemburg Ch Callicoma Blitzen, Estonian Ch, Hungarian Ch Callicoma Serenade Lithuanian Winner 2008, Netherlands Champion International Champion Callicoma Katies Blush and Callicoma Sixth Sense, German Ch (VDH) Callicoma Blackbird.

We have one New Zealand Champion - NZ Ch Callicoma Black Java.

And two doing very well in Canada - Can Ch Callicoma Triumph and Callicoma Tinkerbell.


 If you want to show your Callicoma kelpie, please let me know when you order your puppy as that may influence which puppy I advise is best for you. I will do my best to help you select the best show ring prospect. To be able to show a dog it must not be desexed, however some shows offer classes for neutered dogs, but not many at this stage as it is a fairly recent ruling. Neutered dogs are shown in a separate class from intact dogs and are not eligible for the title of Australian Champion, but can get the title "Neutered Champion". 

If you choose to show your Callicoma kelpie, whether in neutered or standard classes, I will give you as much help as possible.


In September 2009 we won the "Best Breeders Group" trophy at the NSW Australian Kelpie Club show - for three dogs shown together from the one kennel. The dogs in the group were Billee, Bundy and Trumps.