In Agility

Kelpies excel in agility. They are built for speed and athleticism.

My first agility dog - Callicoma The Tempest ADM JDM ET PT JDO ADO GDX SPDX SD AAD was the National Novice Agility Champion in 2004 and the Qld State Masters Jumping Champion in that same year.

Tempo liked nothing more than to run and to do agility. 

If you want a puppy specifically for agility, let me know when you order your puppy as I will select a puppy with the drive, motivation and build needed to do well in agility.

Please do not start serious agility training with your Callicoma kelpie before he or she is 12 months old. You can teach foundation work such as solid stays, handling on both right and left sides, changing sides, and even touching contact zones of obstacles whilst they are still young, but please do not jump or weave with your pup until their bones and joints are mature.

Many Callicoma kelpies are also trialling in agility:

Dual Ch (T) Callicoma Capella CDX RA ADM JDM ADO JDO GDM SPDM SDX HT ET 


Aus. Ch. Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RE ADX JDX GD SD SPDX ET HT DWDF.S 
   Callicoma Cobber FCh AD JDX SPD GD SD ET 
 Callicoma Verdelho AD JD HT ET   
Callicoma Quickstep CCD ADX JDX SD GD HSAs
Callicoma Dancer AD JDX GD SPD ET 
Callicoma Jazzabell AD JDX GD SPDX
Aus Ch Callicoma Lyric HT
Aus Ch Callicoma Merlot ET PT
Aus Ch Callicoma Pinot Noir
German (VDH) Champion Callicoma Blitzen (In Luxembourg)
NL Ch Int Ch Callicoma Katies Blush (in Holland)
Aus Ch Callicoma Peppermint Twist ET
  T Ch Neut Ch Callicoma Whist RN AD JDX GD SD SPD ET
Callicoma Speed Of Light ADX JDM GD SPD SD FM  
Callicoma Rum N Raisin AD JDX JDO GD SPDX
Callicoma Ardra JD
Callicoma Black Caviar RN JD SPD
Callicoma Voodoo CCD RN JD SPD
Neut Ch Callicoma River Runs Red ADX ADO JDX JDO2 GDX SPD SD HT SAAD