Holee-Roller Tug Toy

A hol-ee roller ball with a fleec tug toy attached. There is a handle at the end of the fleece as well as dangly bits dogs can not resist.

The rubber of the ball is soft and is stretchy and allows the ball to stretch out when you tug.

Available in 4 sizes:

9cm ball with 4cm diameter tug - $15.00

13cm ball with 4cm or 8cm diameter tug - you choose - $22.00

17cm ball with 8cm diameter tug - $28.00

20cm ball with 8cm diameter tug - $35.00

Again - not possible to choose colours, sorry!

 hol-ee roller tug toy

Ink and Chilli tugging

Some dogs prefer the fleece end, some prefer the ball end!

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