Callicoma Black Friday

Ch Callicoma Black Friday ET

  • Black bitch
  • D.O.B. – 13 April 2007
  • Ch Callicoma Ricoh x Ch Callicoma Linne ET

Friday is our pretty black girl. She gained her Herding Instinct Certificate at the age of six months.

She beat my older dogs at her first show (at just over 6 months old) and now has her Australian Champion title.

She has been hip and elbow x-rayed with excellent scores – hips 1:1 and an International A, and elbows 0:0. She also has her ET (Endurance Test) title.

Mother of the Card Celtic litter (21/7/10)

  • Callicoma Captan
  • Callicoma Bowen
  • Callicoma Ardra
  • Callicoma Harkin
  • Callicoma Zinna
  • Callicoma Boudicca
  • Callicoma Cerys

And the Birds litter (10/1/12)

  • Callicoma Black Kite
  • Callicoma Sandpiper
  • Callicoma Little Eagle
  • T. CH Callicoma Rose Robin TSD
  • Callicoma Firetail
  • Callicoma Forest Raven
  • Callicoma Blackbird

And the Trains litter (22/9/14)

  • Callicoma Midnight Special JD
  •  Callicoma Spirit Of The Outback 

Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Black Friday ET:

 Ch Callicoma Ricoh Ch Spectre The Barb Svetlana Pancho CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad Butterbone Drum Major
 Ch Butterbone Harmony
 Spectre Gypsy Miss Kurranulla Darky
 Glendalock Rosewood
 CH Spectre Lookat Me  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark Ch Glendorvic Shep
 Butterbone Cleo Lane
 CH Spectre Rhythm Girl Ch Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 Kurranulla Choco
 Ch Oatland Pipistrelle CD Ch Oatland Rockateer Ch Spectre Rocket Jason Ch Spectre The Barb
Ch Spectre Miss O Hara
 Ch Oatland ShowgirlCh Oatland Jackaroo
 Spectre Justtoogood
Ch Oatland Blue Jean Ch Butterbone Keepit DarkCh Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
 Ch Morkerbook Sunlover Ch Bookarilli Basil CD
 Ch Kejeroo Boronia
Ch Callicoma Linne ET HTCh Bushechoes Fox WhiskyGlendalock Dark Raider Glendalock Fox Whisky Ch Glendalock Fox Line
 Glendalock My Treasure
 Ch Glendalock CleopatraGlendalock Teakwood
Glendalock Lunar Queen
Glendalock Gold Finger Ch Glendalock King MidasGlendalock Clear Adios
Glendalock Foxy Lady
 Glendalock Cherry LiquerGlendalock Fox Line
Glendalock My Treasure
Ch Spectre BlacklockCH Spectre The Barb Svetlana PanchoCH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 Spectre Gypsy Miss
 CH Spectre Lookat Me CH Butterbone Keepit Dark
CH Spectre Rhythm Girl
 Ch Spectre Switch In Time Ch Spectre Rhythm Kingdom Ch Spectre Galliant Snip
 Spectre Sarina
 Ch Spectre Stepping OutCh Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Kurranulla Choco
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