Hands Free Ezi Walker

Want to walk or train your dog hands free?

Hand Free Ezi Walker is an adjustable belt, with two dees, and a quick release loop. You can attach a lead to the Ezi Walker by clipping a double ended lead to a dee or by putting the handle of a normal lead in the quick release loop.

Note the picture at right shows a lead attached - the Ezi Walker does not include a lead unless you order one.

If your dog pulls you can use your body weight to hold the dog and have an enjoyable walk.

Available in black, red, blue, green, purple.

Here is a close up of the Ezi Walker to show how you can clip a lead on by putting a normal handle of a lead through the clip up loop or by using a double ended lead clipped on to the dee ring. There is also a second dee ring on the other side of the Ezi Walker.

clip for attaching a lead

hands free ezi walker

Ezi Walker - $12.50

I also make a short double ended lead - adjustable in length like a dog collar, which goes from 35 to 70cm long - perfect for attaching to your Ezi Walker.

Ezi Lead - $6.50

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