Ch Oatland Chieftan ET



chocolate dog 
15 May 1999 - 3 Dec 2012
Oatland Hawkeye x  Ch Oatland Blue Jean

Chief was the first male stud dog we kept. He excelled in the show ring, with a best in show at a kelpie specialty, as well as runner up in show, best in group and a number of runner up in groups at All Breeds shows.

Winner of Best in Show at NSW Kelpie Club show September 2001.
Also won best stifle and best open in show at the above mentioned show.

A little bit of Chief lives on in most of my dogs.




Chief dressed as the sherrif at our obedience club Xmas party 

Chief and I when we did his ET - as you can see one of us is getting tired (and it's not Chief)

6 years old now and still a beautiful boy


time flies - 12 years old!


Chief was used as a model for a software training package

Father of:

The font litter:
Callicoma Arial
Callicoma Calisto
Callicoma Impact
Aust Ch. Callicoma Cosmic
Callicoma Mistral
Callicoma Rockwell
 The grapes litter:
Aus. Ch. Callicoma Merlot ET PT
Aus. Ch. Callicoma Pinot Noir
Callicoma Shiraz
Callicoma Tokay
Callicoma Touriga
Callicoma Verdelho AD JDX PT ET
 The stars and constellations litter:
Dual Ch. (T) Callicoma Capella CDX ADM JDM ADO JDO GDX SPDX SD HT ET 
Callicoma Carina
Callicoma Herschel
Aus. Ch. Callicoma Orion ET
Callicoma Antares
Callicoma Polaris
Callicoma Auriga
The music litter:
Aus Ch. Callicoma Lyric HT
Callicoma Tremolo
Callicoma Jazzabell AD JDX GDX SD SPDX
Hungarian Ch, Estonian Ch, Lithuanian Ch Callicoma Serenade
Callicoma Poco Rhapsody
The reindeer litter:
Callicoma Dancer AD JDX GD SPD ET
German Ch (VDH) Lux Ch Callicoma Blitzen
Callicoma Cupid
Callicoma Comet
Callicoma Dasher
The Grevillea litter:
Aus Ch. Callicoma Bronze Beauty
Callicoma Bronze Rambler
Callicoma Firebird
Callicoma Copper Rocket
Callicoma Lunar Light
Callicoma Red Sunset CDX ET
Aus Ch. Callicoma Ruby Red CCD RA ADX JDX GD SD SPD ET HT DWDF.S
Callicoma Wakiti Gem
Callicoma Jolly Swagman

Pedigree of Ch Oatland Chieftan ET

Oatland Hawkeye Ch Oatland Redskin Ch Oatland Rockateer Ch Spectre Rocket Jason Ch Spectre The Barb
Ch Spectre Miss Ohara
Ch Oatland Showgirl Ch Oatland Jackaroo
Spectre Justtoogood
Ch Oatland Nightcap Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover Ch Bookarilli Basil CD
Ch Kejeroo Boronia
Ch Oatland Showgirl Ch Oatland Jackaroo Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover Ch Bookarilli Basil CD
Ch Kejeroo Boronia
Spectre Justtoogood Glendalock Colombo Glendalock Bobby Burns
Glendalock Rosewood
Ch Spectre Rhythm Girl Ch Butterbone Rhythm Lad
Ch Kurranulla Choco
Ch Oatland Blue Jean Ch Butterbone Keepit Dark Ch Glendorvic Shep  Kurranulla Darky Ch Noondoo Red Flash
Glenine Kuranula Scamp
Ch Happyvalley Trixie Happyvalley Silver Bar
Bushechoes Hazy
Butterbone Cleo Lane Ch Butterbone Rhythm Lad Ch Butterbone Drum Major
Ch Butterbone Harmony
Butterbone Peggy Lee Butterbone Darrock
Butterbone Doris Day
Ch Morkerbook Sunlover Ch Bookarilli Basil CD Ch Jaguar Luckey Lad Ch Ballure Regal Rex
Ch Happyvalley Ngarla
Neganamo Sunbeam Ch Noondoo Buck
Ch Elfinvale Rima
Ch Kejeroo Boronia Ch Kairouban Korra Ch Min Min True Blue
Ch Min Min Helen Of Troy
Ch Kairouban Kynuna Ch Noondoo Buck
Ch Min Min Helen Of Troy