Callicoma Trailblazer

  • Chocolate dog
  • D.O.B. – 19 Sept 2019 
  • Bestseller Valttikortti x Ch Callicoma Vixen RA


Chevy is our new young boy, still a youngster, but looking very promising. He has a great temperament, and is a lovely boy. Covid lockdown put an end to our baby puppy, minor puppy and puppy shows. He finally managed a run in junior and got Best Junior In Group at his first shows back. 

He has now had his hips (2:2) and elbows (0:0) x-rayed. He is clear for both forms of CA as well as ILM, DM, CEA.

He is not a big dog (48cm at 14 months old).

Pedigree of Callicoma Trailblazer

Metku x Vixen
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