Ch Callicoma Trailblazer SWA RA

  • Chocolate dog
  • D.O.B. – 19 Sept 2019 
  • Bestseller Valttikortti x Ch Callicoma Vixen CCD RE TK.N SWN


Chevy  has turned out to be a lovely young dog. He has a great temperament, and is a beautiful boy. Covid lockdown put an end to our baby puppy, minor puppy and puppy shows. He finally managed a run in junior and got Runner up in Group at his first shows back. He then finished his title with a Best In Group in a huge line up of 19 breeds.

He has now had his hips (2:2) and elbows (0:0) x-rayed. He is clear for both forms of CA as well as ILM, DM, MDR1 and CEA.

He is 48cm tall and has full dentition.

Chevy is showing great promise in obedience and in scent work. He has his scentwork advanced title, and is part way through his advanced. He also has his rally advanced title. He has started trialling in obedience and needs once more pass for his CCD.

In 2023 he won Grafton Dog Obedience Club’s Rally Dog Of The Year with scores of 100, 98 and 96.

And the British Children’s TV Shows Litter

Pedigree of Ch Callicoma Trailblazer RA SWA

Metku x Vixen
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