Ch Callicoma Clarence

  • Chocolate dog
  • D.O.B. – 29 June 2013
  • Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET x Ch Callicoma Trump Card ET


Blue is our youngest boy. Lovely friendly outgoing boy, keen to work and loves training. He has been very successful being shown as a youngster – 5 x baby in group, 2 x baby in show, 3 x minor in group, 1 x minor in show before 7 months old. 5 x puppy in group, but we did not manage a puppy in show 🙁 Hardly shown in junior – just 2 x junior in group and now just gone in to intermediate class. First show in Intermediate and he got his points up for his Championship title beating grand and supreme champions. 

He has been hip and elbow scored – the perfect 0:0 – just like his mum, brother and sister 🙂 

Blue has full dentition and stands 49cm tall. Photo (right) is at 20 months old.

Blue has now produced some top winning progeny in Australia and New Zealand – Ch Callicoma The Bees Knees winning  2 Best in Groups from Puppy class and well on her way now to her Grand Champion, and NZ Champion Callicoma Black Java. He has also sired a litter for Kinjarra kelpies and is father of the lovely show winning Kinjarra Georgie As Doll.


Father of the Tea and Coffee litter (12/10/15)

  • Callicoma Orange Pekoe
  • Callicoma Demitasse
  • Callicoma Chai Latte
  • NZ Ch Callicoma Black Java
  • Callicoma Cuppa
  • Callicoma Masala Chai
  • Callicoma Espresso
  • Callicoma Cafe Zorro
  • Callicoma Piccolo


And the Australian Slang Meaning Good litter (28/12/16)

  • Ch Callicoma The Bees Knees
  • Callicoma The Cats Pyjamas
  • Callicoma Beauty Bonza
  • Callicoma Hesa Keeper
  • Callicoma You Little Ripper

Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Clarence:

Ch Tegoura King Othmountn ET Nellarou Der Red Dog Ch Nellarou Buddy Holly ET Ch Beaujoy Buddy Ch Tegoura Zat
 Ch Beaujoy Bundlajoy
 Ch Ringbark Hollys Hobby HDT1 Ch Kawarral Excalibur
 Ch Diwa Choc Royal
 Nellarou Wiggle Works HDT1 HSBs ET Ch Nellarou Smoko ET Ch Pavesi Markson
 Ch Kairouban Cuppatea
 Ch Ringbarka Hollys Hobby HDT1 Ch Kawarral Excalibur
  Ch Diwa Choc Royal
 Gr Ch Tegoura Future Direction Ch Kla Rebels Beau Ch Beaujoy Buddy Ch Tegoura Zat
 Ch Beaujoy Bundlajoy
 Ch Kla Rebel Rowser Ch Tollbar Topgun
 Gr Ch Wingdari Little Jessie
 Mimbil Slow Dancing Ch Kairouban King Gee Ch Kairouban Outback Jack
 Ch Nellarou Lady Jewel
 Ch Spectre Leahs Dream CD Ch Spectre The Barb
 Ch Spectre Miss Ohara
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