Ch Callicoma Bronze Beauty


Chocolate bitch
D.O.B. - 24 Aug 2005
Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT

The photo above was taken at 8 months old, after winning Best Puppy in the Working Dog group three days in a row, and Best Puppy In Show on one of those days!

Billee has received best of breed at almost every show she has been to as well as 8 best puppy in the working dog awards and 3 best junior in the working dog group. She received her Champion title soon after turning 12 months old and has not been shown much since.

At the NSW Kelpie Club Sept 09 show she won open bitch, best open in show and champion headed in show (after not being shown for almost 3 years).

She is hip and elbow scored - elbows 0:0 and hips 4:4.

Billee has been officially temperament tested by accredited Dogs NSW and NSW Dept Local Govt testers.

10 weeks old


7 months old


Billee is a swimmer!

16 months and maturing in to a lovely girl

Best Open In Show Trophy

and at right Champion Headed Trophy



5 years old


Mother of the Desert litter (20/9/07)
Callicoma Sahara
Callicoma Tanami
Callicoma Kelso Dune
Callicoma Khamsin
Callicoma Red Cactus
Callicoma Mikiri


and the Proteas litter (21/5/08)
Callicoma Safari Sunset
Callicoma Frosted Fire
Callicoma Red Devil
Callicoma King Red
Callicoma Scarlet Ribbon
  NK Ch. Int. Ch. NJK BJS '09 CW '09 BW '09 BW '10  Callicoma Katies Blush

and the Sweet Songs litter (25/5/2010)
Callicoma Fox On The Run
Ch Callicoma Peppermint Twist ET
Neut Ch Callicoma At Midnight
Callicoma Into The Night

And the Cars litter (25/7/2012)
 Callicoma Hummer 
Callicoma Morgan
Callicoma Opel
Callicoma Silver Dawn
Callicoma Spyda
 Callicoma Triumph

Whilst Billee had the Cars litter, Katya also had a litter. Katya had to spend a day at the vets so Billee babysat all babies - her 6 and Katya's 5!

And the Australian Rock Songs litter (27/2/13):
 Callicoma Back In Black
 Callicoma Electric Blue
 T. Ch Callicoma Leaps And Bounds
Neut Ch Callicoma River Runs Red AD JDX GD HT 
 Callicoma Midnight Rain 

Pedigree of Ch. Callicoma Bronze Beauty:
Ch Oatland Chieftan ET Oatland Hawkeye Ch Oatland Redskin CH Oatland Rockateer  CH Spectre The Barb
 CH Spectre Miss Ohara
CH Oatland Nightcap  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark
 CH Morkerbook Sunlover
CH Oatland Showgirl  CH Oatland Jackaroo  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark
 CH Morkerbook Sunlover
 Spectre Justtoogood  Glendalock Columbo
 Spectre Rhythm Girl
CH Oatland Blue Jean CH Butterbone Keepit Dark  CH Glendorvic Shep  Kurranulla Darky
 CH Happyvalley Trixie Blue
 Butterbone Cleo Lane  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
 CH Butterbone Peggy Lee
CH Morkerbook Sunlover  CH Bookarilli Basil CD  CH Jaguar Luckey lad
 Neganamo Sunbeam
 CH Kejeroo Boronia  CH Kairoban Korra
 CH Kairoban Kynuna
Ch Callicoma Leica ET HT CH Spectre The Barb Svetlana Pancho  CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad  Butterbone Drum Major
 CH Butterbone Harmony
 Spectre Gypsy Miss Kurranulla Darky
Glendalock Rosewood
CH Spectre Lookat Me  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark CH Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
 CH Spectre Rhythm Girl CH Butterbone Rhythm Lad
CH Kurranulla Choco
CH Oatland Pipistrelle CD CH Oatland Rockateer  CH Spectre Rocket Jason CH Spectre The Barb
CH Spectre Miss O'Hara
 CH Oatland Showgirl CH Oatland Jackaroo
Spectre Justtoogood
CH Oatland Blue Jean  CH Butterbone Keepit Dark CH Glendorvic Shep
Butterbone Cleo Lane
 CH Morkerbook Sunlover CH Bookarilli Basil CD
CH Kejeroo Boronia