Beef Treats

Beef Liver Treats

100% beef liver (dried). No preservatives. Useful as training treats. Made in to thin slabs. The slabs are scored with lines which allow you to easily break it in to chunks.

Made from Australian cattle, not imported. The nutrients in the liver are concentrated in this highly nutritious treat.

100g - $3.50
500g - $16.00
1kg - $29.50


beef liver

Beef Paddywhacks

(Dried tendons) - an exceptionally hard chew for the toughest chewers. Can not be broken in your hand.

Each piece is approx 30-35cmcm long and 5-7cm wide. They weigh approx 120g each.

$3.50 each
$28 per kg


Beef Pizzles

Do not ask what they are, just be happy that dogs love them. Approx 15 cm long and naturally dried with no chemicals added.

A few of my dogs turn their nose up at any pork chews (ears, snouts etc) but will happily chew up a beef pizzle.

100% Australian (not like most pizzles available)

Priced by weight as size of each piece does vary:

$20.00 per 200g
$71.00 per kg



Beef Hooves

All natural – with no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives. Very tough and hard to chew. Suitable for large dogs, that require a hard product to chew and keep them busy. Can be stuffed with your dog's food or runbbed with peant butter - a bit like a kong.

$11.95 per kilo, which is approx 10 - 15 hooves

Beef Trachea

Beef trachea (windpipe) dried. No additives or preservatives. Manufactured in Australia from 100% Australian beef.  Approx 15cm long.

Can be used as a long lasting dental chew or you can stuff with food and serve their meal in it to make them take longer to eat.

Beef trachea is solid cartilaginous tube surrounded by muscle meat. Bovine Trachea cartilage has anti-inflammatory properties which are believed to relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This food is also a very good source of Chonroitin Sulfate, a nutrient touted for its joint benefit. 

$3 each or 10 for $24.50

Beef Trachea 

Beef Ribs

Naturally dried, not cooked so the bone does not splinter - made from 100% Australian beef rib bones. Great dental chew for medium to large dogs.

200g - $9.00
1kg - $39.00
Beef Ribs 


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