As a Family Pet

This is the most important role for your Callicoma kelpie. Even if you are getting your puppy as a performance dog, 90% of its time will still be spent as a pet with you and your family.

Your Callicoma kelpie will make a wonderful pet. They are whelped and raised in the house, getting used to all household noises, and start house training at three weeks old. Most Callicoma kelpies are house trained by the time they leave us.

All Callicoma kelpies have their first trip in the car by the time they are two days old, and then have at least weekly trips, with their mother for security. This means that as older dogs they have no concerns about travelling; they travel well, usually asleep, and they do not get carsick.

They are also handled by many adults and children as tiny puppies. Once my puppies are about a week old I get as many people as possible to pick them up, cuddle them, turn them over etc. This is on top of all the handling we give them - early neurological stimulation, nails clipped, ears cleaned, etc etc.

Callicoma Carina with her "brother" Max

Chief and Cosmic making themselves part of the family!

Florence (Callicoma Foxglove) is definitely part of the family!