2010 News

December 2010

Katie becomes Belgium Winner and also International Champion

28th November 2010

Pepper's first show in the minor puppy class and she wins Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in the working dog group!

21st November 2010

Pepper's 5th show and 5th time of winning best baby puppy in the working dog group - we are in with the big kids in future shows - no more baby classes.

30th October 2010

Pepper's 4th show - and 4th best baby in the working dog group!

23rd October 2010

Pepper's third show - Nth Coast National - best baby in the working dog group again!


9th October 2010

Pepper's second show - Kyogle show - best baby puppy in the working dog group, and Trumps won best Intermediate in Group.

25th September 2010

Pepper's first show - Nimbin Show - best baby puppy in the working dog group

10th September 2010

Katie becomes Netherlands Champion

11th &12th Sept 2010

We dare to have a go at a Dances With Dogs trial - very scary!! But Ruby passes both days and gets her DWDF.S title :-)

1st August 2010

Ruby wins 1st place in Excellent Agility 400 and gains her ADX title :-)

24th & 25th July

Trumps wins best of breed and Best Intermediate in Group both days at Coffs show - this gives her her Australian Championship title :-)

26th June 2010

Trumps wins runner up to best in group at Lismore show! Also best Intermediate in Group :-)

19/20 June 2010

Ruby gets 1st place Excellent Agility and 1st place Masters Jumping at Clarence District Kennel Club's trial.

25th May 2010

Billee had babies - two boys (both black) and two girls (one black and one chocolate) - all are doing well.

23rd May 2010

Tigger got her CD obedience title in Perth :-)

14 - 21 May 2010

It is birthday week - happy 1st birthday to the Lollies litter (14th), happy 11th birthday to Chief (15th), happy second birthday to the Proteas litter (21st).


1 & 2 May 2010

What a weekend for winning for the Callicomas, not only all over Australia, but all over the world - Flash trialled in agility in Luxemburg and won 2 x 1st place and 1 x 2nd place in agility and 2 x 1st place in jumping.

30 April & 2 May 2010

Trumps wins Best Intermediate in the Working Group at Clarence P & A and Clarence District Kennel Club.

30 April 2010

Quix got a quali and 4th place at the Agility Nationals in Perth and qualified for the finals. Sadly not so good in the final - oh well. Whist, Capella and Kelly also got qualis at the Nationals, but did not make the finals.

19 April 2010

Billee has been ultrasounded - 4 puppies seen :-)

Flash, her son Ready and Xanatos at the trial in Luxemburg - 2nd May 

22 March 2010

Billee has been mated to Jack - Grand Champion Mountainmist Mandingo PT (we flew him up from Melbourne and he lived here for a week). He was a joy to have around. Puppies due 24th May.

11 March 2010

Jive has 8 babies - 5 girls and 3 boys

13 January 2010

Ultrasound shows Linne is not pregnant :-(

11th January 2010

Jive has been mated to Harry - puppies due 15th March


Jack when he was staying here

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