Ch Callicoma Orion ET


Chocolate dog
D.O.B. - 24 Jan 2003 - 5/6/2013
Ch Oatland Chieftan ET x Ch Spectre Blacklock

Bundy is a medium sized, strong dog with a lovely broad masculine head. He is an Australian Champion and also has his ET (Endurance Test) title. He was hip and elbow scored at almost 6 years of age and has 3:3 hips and 0:0 elbows.

Bundy is an experienced worker - he has worked on an Angus Cattle property for years, as well as being a show and stud dog. He had sired one litterbefore coming back and a bitch from that litter (Wilsonia Outback Katie) won Runner Up to Best in the Working Dog Group at 7 months old. He has returned to us now as one of our stud dogs.

Bundy 5 months


15 months old


6 years old - and rather sunbleached now he is not being shown


8 years old - how time flies!




Father of the Lollies litter (14/5/09)
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